Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In case you've ever wondered...

what high school boys write to high school girls in their love notes, it goes something like this:

Hey Beautiful! I hope your having an amazing day, cause I know with
you in my life all my days are amazing. I love you so much Baby like really you
don't even know. Baby you are my everything, you are my world Baby. When I'm
around you everything is perfect everything falls into place. Baby but when I
look in your eyes Baby I get lost in my love for you. Baby every time I look in
your eyes it's like the first time I get butterflies like crazy and it reminds
me why I get up every morning and thank God for putting you in my life. Baby you
are the only girl i ever want in my life Baby. The way...

This is as far as he got before I confiscated the letter. I could hardly contain myself as I began to read it. Lucky for him I decided not to read it aloud to the class. I informed him that if any boy wrote me a lame letter like this I would cut him off with the quickness. He should be glad I saved him from himself!!