Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Have You Ever Felt Like....

You were losing your mind?

Dear Diary,

I know that you think I have completely abandoned you for about the last 6 weeks. Things have been so crazy. Between Thanksgiving, and Erica's (my sister) wedding, semester exams, and Christmas parties, there has been NO time for anything else. And now that we are a week away from Christmas Eve, I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. I have not bought a single present...not one. This is so out of character for me. My tree is usually filled with presents by this time. And the one day I actually did set aside to go do some shopping, I ended up with 3 bags full of stuff for me. What is wrong with me?? Mom expects me to come home for Christmas break this weekend, but I cannot show up without any gifts. Needless to say, I am starting to stress. If this were a movie, a good friend of mine would call me out of the blue, and offer their help...Louise, Kimmy, Leigh, ANYBODY!! Just kidding. Maybe if I can get through exams, there will be some time to shop quickly on Friday afternoon.

Love and Hugs,

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It seems like lately I haven't had very much to write about. For the most part school is going pretty good, as far as me and my classes go. So I decided that with football season in full swing, and a major SEC East football game coming up Saturday (#6 Georgia vs #8 Florida), this would be a perfect time to post a few pics of the fam in our gator gear. Unfortunately, all of us don't bleed orange in blue, so they had to be left out of the know how it is!

Myspace Layouts, Glitters & More!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Facelift

Dear Diary,

I am so lucky to have a friend like Lindsey B across the hall from me. Is it weird to say that she completes me? Whatever if it is!! She is like everything that I want to be when it comes to computer literacy! She has completely helped me pimp my blog. I don't know how or what she did. I don't think I could even change it if I wanted to. The whole time she was trying to show me I just kept getting further and further lost. The best thing is that she loves this. I kept feeling like I was burdening her by asking for help, and she was like so totally on top of the whole thing. I guess she is as much a computer nerd, as I am a math dork...and I love it!! Thanks Baggs!!

Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Portrait

This weekend while I was at home for fall break, my mom was very insistent that we get a family portrait. I was so pleased with the way that they turned out. These aren't the ones taken by the professional (we have to wait for those). I just snapped these in between shots. In case you are wondering, the loser in the pink and blue striped shirt would be my little sister. She was sooo adamant that she was not going to match everyone else. My mom claims that at her age (which is not even that old), some things aren't worth fighting over. Whatever, me and my brother kept telling her that she ruined the picture. Though, actually, they still didn't turn out too bad!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally Figured It Out!!

I finally figured out how to do this collage thing. I thought I would start with some school portraits at kinder-care!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some People are NEVER satisfied!!

Dear Diary,

Have you ever had a friend who you just can't please? Well I have one! I don't want to call her out so for the sake of keeping her identity concealed, I'll call her "Mrs. Jones". First, I was in the hot seat for not writing enough. So to make her happy, I decided to write two in one day. Wouldn't you know that now I'm in trouble for not enclosing enough info about our Homecoming game. Just FHE (for her information) we did win the game, and it was so exciting! Also, one of my dear favorite students was crowned queen. The sweetest part about this is that her dad is head football coach at a neighboring private school, and he missed their homecoming game (or at least the first half) to escort sweet is that.

Also, I'm sure "Mrs. Jones" would hate for me to leave this last story from the game out. During the game Friday night I decided to sit with Izzy and the gang. Let me also say that I never know who "the gang" will consist of. So Maddox wakes up from his nap and he is a little rank if you know what I mean. As soon as I point this out Izzy is the first to holler 'not it', followed by Adam. I must have been the last to say not it because I got stuck changing him. So Lindsey B (a girl I teach with) volunteers to go with me to the bathroom. Wouldn't you know there was not a changing station in sight, so we decide to go to Kimmy's car. We get all the way out to the parking lot in our heels, get Big Mad undressed just to realize that there is not a SINGLE wipe in the joint. (Please understand that I had just informed Kimmy that the child needed more.) We searched the car high and low and all we could find were a pack of preparation H wipes and one, count em one, napkin that hadn't been written on (there were about 12 that had been). We were a little skeptical about the medicated wipes so I had to make due with that one napkin. The things you do for people you love!

Love and Hugs,


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homecoming Week

Dear Diary,

So, last week was homecoming at school. This is about the most exciting week of school for me second only to Exams. The reason is because it is the one week that I give little thought as to what I wear to school. You may or may not know that I am known around school as the teacher who never wears the same outfit twice in a school year. I may wear the same pants, but never with the same shirt. And I can think of only a handful of times that I have worn the same shirt in a school year. I could go into all the details of how this crazy system came about, but that is another story for another blog! Anyways, everyday of the week we have dress up days, and the last week we get to wear our homecoming shirt with blue jeans. Yes, we the teachers actually get to wear jeans to school. This is why I love this week. I don't have to stare at my closet for what seems like an eternity and try to remember if I have worn this shirt or that dress. I took some pictures of me and some of my kids on the different days of the week.

Monday- A Winning Tradition (Toga Day) (sorry I didn't have enough time to put a toga know how mondays are!

Tuesday- Know Your Opponent Day (We played Montgomery Catholic High School)

We actually didn't plan to look like this. I was fussing at her about something

Wednesday-Total Domination (Sports) Day

Thursday- Drive The Nights Crazy (Wacky Day)
Friday- Sprit Day (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of me with my H.C. shirt)

Love and Hugs,


Kinder-Care In Room 109

So some of you may or may not know that recently rm 109 has turned into an afterschool care. It started off with me just picking up the twins on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and just keeping them for a few minutes until Lisa could get there. A typical Tuesday and Thursday will consist of me keeping Big Mad in my room during cheer practice, because it is WAY to hot outside for lil man to be out on the field with those crazy cheerleaders! And on a very rare occasion, if Paige M is in a bind I may have to get my other sweet angels, Parker and Cam. Well, would you believe that on this particular Friday a few weeks ago, I actually had all five munchkins in my room at one time. This had never happened before. When people walked by, they must have thought I was running an afterschool program of some kind.
(It took me literally 5 times to get everyone looking at the camera!!)
Even with the slew of kids I honestly did enjoy the few minutes we were able to spend together. It is always so neat to hear them talk about the exciting events of their day. Things that seem so small to me are often times the BIGGEST deal to them. For example, yesterday afternoon, Payton was so worked about a girl who said a bad word in the bathroom. "Oh my," I asked, "What did she say?" The little girl had said shut up not once, not twice, but a 'hundred ' times and Mrs. C didn't even hear her, and she didn't have to move her card. Can you believe it!! She was so excited up and I just kept thinking, If I had a nickel for every kid I heard in the high school say that, I could retire early!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blogging Woes

Lately I have found that I just don't have anything excited to blog about. I guess someone has placed a spell on my students, because I haven't had the slightest problem yet (knock on wood). I keep telling myself "Next week they will come into themselves" but so far notta! I've had a few parent issues, but nothing really to write home about.

I have searched and searched for something fun and witty, and being math minded, these really made me smile. For some of you it will probably remind you of how much you hated math, and how pumped that you never have to see it again!! Hope they make you smile!

Love and Hugs,


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Me and My Boo!!

(picture courtesy of our good frind Baggs!! She's great! check out her blog)
Dear Diary,
Every Tuesday and Thursday, I am blessed to spend a few hours with my main squeeze. As you probably know Big Mad came into the world about three months ago, and he is just about as precious as could be. However, like most babies, he is real hard to get a hand on. You know how it is at church. Soon as Kimmy gets in the door, there is a "Girl Fight" (not really) over who is going to get to love on him. And if you are so fortunate as to get few hugs and kisses in, you better be quick about it, because someone will be coming up from behind to take him from you.

This summer I realized that a good way to avoid the mess was to come to cheer practice once a week. This allowed me to catch up with some of my girls that I had been missing over the break, and spend some quality time with Maddox, just me and him! I enjoyed this so much that I asked Kim if we could carry it over to the school year. She thinks I am doing to help her, but we all know the real reason!!(j/k) These are just a few pics that I was barely able to take yesterday. (Keep in mind that these were taken with a camera phone, and only one free hand!!)

I know he looks scared, but that's really the "I love my Killer" face that you probably aren't familiar with!

A bottle, a stinky diaper, and a LOT of screaming later, a little bit chillaxin'!!

I love, love, love this boy!!

Love and Hugs,


Monday, August 18, 2008

*Wedding Bells are in the Air*

Dear Diary,

I feel so bad for the blog I posted the other day that left out my older sister, so this one is all about her. My sister and I are fifteen months apart. One might think that our closeness in age brought us together growing up, but actually it wedged us apart.

However as we grow older, we are slowly becoming better friends. You could imagine my surprise (in a good way) when she asked me to be her maid of honor. I am so happy to be a part of her big day! Because I live in Alabama and she lives in Florida, it will be dificult for me to be involved the actually planning. For this reason, she decided to get her gown here, so that I could help pick it out. This meant so much to me! Here are some pictures that we took during the shopping process.

We arrived a little early so we killed some time at Barnes and Nobles Bookstore

For some reason I was really into the book on how to plan a wedding. Like I'm going to need it anytime soon!

This is not the actual dress...I didn't want to ruin the surprise!!

Love and Hugs,


Friday, August 15, 2008

Easter Pictures

Dear Diary,
Since Easter fell on spring break this year I was able to get a few really good "after church pics". I know that these are in the slide show but I just wanted to you to see how cute we are!

*I should note that there is a sister missing. She always hates to miss a good photo opportunity!*

Love and Hugs,


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making a Comeback!!

Dear Diary,

I know you feel like I have abandoned you for a few months (which I really have) but I just needed to take a little break. Well, at least I thought I was taking a break. Between working at the Y, and

keeping the twins,
summer just FLEW by. Now I am back at school, so I can hopefully get back into some kind of routine.

Love and Hugs,


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Having a baby changes everything!! ( A tribute to Kimmy)

Dear Diary,

Let me start out by saying this," I'm not having a baby!!!"
Now: This week goes down in history as the day I lost one (glad your still here bags!!)of my best school friends. I am hardly even to where I can talk about it but I will try to fight through the pain.

This is Kimmy. Kimmy has been my thick and thin friend for the past 3 years. We started teaching at the same time. She has been my shoulder to cry on, my friend to laugh with (or at occasionally), basically my Dee-ay-double-you-gee, dawg!! I knew that the day was coming when she would have to abandon me, but I really thought we would be able to finish out the year. But something came between us. What you might ask?? A boy!!! I know, I'll let you catch your breath for a second...
I used to be able to e-mail her at any point during the day, mostly to talk about some crazy student, or an even CRAZIER parent. But there will be no more of that. Monday, something happened in class and the first thing I thought about was telling Kimmy. Well, 3 text messages, and 2 sore thumbs later, I decided that this just wasn't going to work. A story that used to take one quick e-mail is now a never ending text message. I don't think I can keep that up.

Mama always said, "Killer, never let a boy come between two friends. Boys come and go, but friends...they're forever." Well, mama must have never seen a cute thang like this before (or had some of the crazy friends I've had!!)

Maddox's outfit is a courtesy of K.O. (killer's orignals)

Kimmy, you can let this angel come between us any time!! I will truly miss you next year!

Love and Hugs,


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Twinkie (Take Two)

So, if you saw my post several weeks ago, you remember that one day I was visiting Weeze in the mail room, and my brother walked by in the same outfit as me.

(here we are)

Saturday, my mom brought my sister to spend a few days with me. You would not believe that when she pulled up in the car, we had on the exact same outfit!! I guess it's true what they say..."Birds of a feather, flock together"!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Missing Mom

Dear Diary,
Today is my mom's birthday, and I am so sad that I can't spend it with her. Not only am I going to miss her birthday, but Mother's day is on Sunday, and she is going out of town. I mean seriously, who goes to hang out with a long lost friend, whom she rarely ever gets to see ;) on Mother's Day. She is trying to justify it by saying that she will see us all periodically throughout the day, but I just don't know. I should just be glad that she is going to stop by and see me on her way back home! Honestly though, I know that she hasn't seen this friend in ages, and she deserves a vacation as much as anyone. Anyways, I love you mom, and I hope you enjoy your day!!
Love and Hugs,

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Raising The Bar" in Geometry

Nothing really exciting happened today at school. I stumbled across this picture from a few months ago. Some of the girls thought it would be fun to do our own 'raising the bar'. I decided that it was cute enough to share. None of these boys are squatting or standing on tip toes. The tallest one is like 6'7!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Crazy Days In Geometry

So, a few days ago in after lunch I learned that apparently everyone doesn't possess the same love for egg salad sandwiches as I do. Everyone started gagging when they came into the classroom and told me it smelled like...well it just smelled bad. One of my male student's proceeded tell me that I was gross. I had to remind him of something that he did earlier this year. It made us laugh so hard that I decided it was funny enough to write in my blog. I am just copying and pasting this from the e-mail that I sent Kim after it happened that day. The first event is the one I mentioned earlier. The second happened later in that class period. Let me just say that this kid is one of those that would be so fun if you only had to hang out with him and not try to teach him...He is a character.

(All names have been changed to protect the innocence of these precious students)
First: L get up and walks over to another row, and next thing you know we hear this tremendous noise come from his rear. That alone was hilarious. But to make things worse. He did it right in front of Basketball Player and Cheerleader's face and I thought seriously that Cheerleader was going to pass out. B.P. got up and walked to the other side of the classroom. I almost cried, it was so funny! So then L comes over to my desk and whispers to me what he was trying to do. Apparently he calls it crop dusting. He said it's when you go to another side of the room and rotate while you 'you know what' so you can get everyone. Then after you walk away you get to laugh at everyone's reaction. The only problem was...he did it VERY loudly.

Second: I don't know if you have ever listened to the Steve Harvey morning show, but any time he's talking about getting to know one another biblically , he always refers to it as the cookie. "Don't break off the cookie before your married.", "All men want is a piece of the cookie" etc. He says this all the time. So today I had a cookie on my desk from a few of my cheerleaders, and L really wanted it. He kept making comments like, "Miss McCants please let me get a piece of that cookie", "Miss McCants, you know you want to give me that cookie". I could hardly contain myself. Thankfully, no one in my 5th period class listens to Steve Harvey. Seriously I was getting so embarrassed.

There is one more story that I would love to share about L but there are a couple reasons I won't. 1)You really need to see the gesture he was making to truly understand the humor. 2) I really don't think I can tell the story without sounding inappropriate. Needless to say, L did get detention for this one. He is so much fun, but he really has no censor. I will miss him next year when he's not in my class!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hanging with the fellas!

Dear Diary,

Last night I was able to have a slumber party with two of the most amazing adorable guys on this planet.

While the parents treated themselves to a fun concert in Atlanta, I was able to spend some quality time with the boys. After school, we hung out in my classroom for a bit while a few students finished a quiz. Cam had a ball playing webkinz (I had to drag him away from the computer!), while Pork Chop and I took turns writing our names on the dry erase board. Sometimes I'm amazed by the little things that entertain children. After that we had some down time at my house watching Lady and the Tramp...Chop LOVES Lady and the Tramp. Then it was off to supper at McD's and later to church. The entire evening was such a blast. I really enjoy the time I can spend with them, especially knowing that these sweet precious little angels, will eventually grow up into big boys that don't love to snuggle!!
Before we went to bed Chop said,"Killer, I wish you could spend the night every night...I love you". I can't say enough how much I love these boys!!

Love and Hugs,


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting Carried Away

Dear Diary,
I am getting way too into this blog thing, thanks Louise!! Two in one day...seriously. So I saw this dog thing on Kristi's blog, and I figured I would be some cute medium to small sized purse dog like my little angel.

Boy was I wrong!!

What dog breed are you? I'm a German Shepherd! Find out at

Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Dear Diary,

This has been some crazy long weekend. Let me just do a day by day, play by play(hee hee)

Friday: I already mentioned that I gave my kids a test which was way to easy. Giving a test makes my work day very easy. I just sit back and relax and watch my kids sweat!! After work I had to go to the Goodtimes Center for some training hours. Three hours (to be exact) of boring videos, and out loud reading. I probably asked myself a hundred times what I was thinking doing this again. I did it last year, and must say that I didn't love it. Long ten hour days, wild screaming children. But there were some good days, and I enjoyed the people I work with, and the money's not too bad. Friday was the longest day ever.

Saturday: Uh, just joking Saturday was the longest day EVER. More training at the Y. From 8:00 to 4:00. Seriously, what are these people thinking. Thankfully I remembered that I had a baby shower at 2, so I was able to skip out a little early. The shower was such a blast. We played this game where you have to guess what the baby ate, by smelling his dirty diaper. Those pics will be available soon. Saturday evening I had what thought was going to be small gathering with a few friends at my house. You know how you see on tv, when people invite a few friends over, and next thing you know it's like a freaking block party...that's exactly what happened to me. There were people there that I didn't even know, and had NEVER seen before. It ended up being fun, but this may be the last time I ever have 'few' of the girls over.

Sunday: We had friends day at church, so I had to get there extra early to make sure that I had a seat. The lesson was very good, and very appropriate for friend's day. After church we had lunch and I was able to sit with and get to know a very nice football player...we'll call him "bobblehead"... So after lunch you will never guess what kind of fun I was in for...MORE YMCA TRAINING. I mean seriously, how much do you need to know to be a day camp counselor, especially if you did it last summer!!! After the Y it was off to 2 tutoring sessions where I was the tutor, more church, and more getting to know "bobblehead".

Long story long, this has been the longest weekend ever, and I am so glad that it is finally over!

Love and Hugs,


Friday, April 25, 2008

Chapter 12 Test

Dear Diary,
I just realized that maybe I made this test a little too easy. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do love when my kids excel ,but when half the class makes an A, something just aint right. I have only graded one period, but at this rate I will have about 4o something out of 90 something making an A. Do you know what happens when someone gets an A on a test. They get candy. Have you ever tried teaching a class when half of them are on a sugar high. It's next to impossible. What have I gotten myself into!!

Loves and Hugs,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Dear Diary,

The other day, I came to the school to bring something to Austin, and you will never guess what happened. Austin came by and had on the exact same outfit as me. It was crazy weird. It was so crazy weird, that I had to get a picture. I mean, how often does something like that happen??
Loves and Hugs,

Friday, April 18, 2008

Boston and Niagra Falls

Dear Diary,

Last week I was able to go on the junior/senior class trip to Boston and Niagra Falls. It was sooooo fun. When we landed Friday, we went straight to the site of Plymoth Rock. There we were able to tour a replica of the ship and also view the site where the pilgrims landed. Well, actually it would have been nice to actually view the site but it was under construction...imagine that. After that we went to Plimoth Village where there were actors that we could ask questions about the old day. That was pretty neat. Finally we checked into our hotel and got ready to eat at the Quincy Market . We took a boat ride to their , and we able to see a neat view of Boston from the river. The Blue Man Group was absolutely the neatest thing I had seen in quite time. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys being entertained. The next morning we went on an all day adventure, sight-seeing the historic towns surrounding Boston. This was absolutely my favorite part of the whole trip. We went to Lexington and saw the common area where 8 minutemen were killed. From there we went to Concord (home of the Concord Grape) and saw more interesting sights. We ended up in Cainbridge were we visited Harvard Square. Finally we bused back to Boston so we could walk the Freedom Trail. There is so much History in Boston. Hopefully I will be able to go back someday.

Saturday we made a 8 hour drive to border so we could view Niagra Falls. It was so amazing to see God's awesome creation. We ate supper at Hard Rock Cafe, and breakfast the next morning at Planet Hollywood. Some of the students actually thought that the "Duty-Free" meant you couldn't use the bathroom there...silly kids!!

I'm having trouble putting pictures on here, but as soon as I figure out how it works, I'll be sure to let you see.

Love and Hugs,


Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Blog!!!

Dear Diary,
I finally mustered up enough courage to start my own blog. (After much pressure, and cohersion from a friend who will remain unnamed!) It has been a lot more difficult than I anticipated, and quite frankly, I nearly gave up this afternoon. But after much deliberation, and help from a special friend, this whole blogspot is finally coming together... YEAH! Maybe in a few days it will look like a real blog, or at least half as good as some of my friends!!
Love and Hugs