Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some People are NEVER satisfied!!

Dear Diary,

Have you ever had a friend who you just can't please? Well I have one! I don't want to call her out so for the sake of keeping her identity concealed, I'll call her "Mrs. Jones". First, I was in the hot seat for not writing enough. So to make her happy, I decided to write two in one day. Wouldn't you know that now I'm in trouble for not enclosing enough info about our Homecoming game. Just FHE (for her information) we did win the game, and it was so exciting! Also, one of my dear favorite students was crowned queen. The sweetest part about this is that her dad is head football coach at a neighboring private school, and he missed their homecoming game (or at least the first half) to escort sweet is that.

Also, I'm sure "Mrs. Jones" would hate for me to leave this last story from the game out. During the game Friday night I decided to sit with Izzy and the gang. Let me also say that I never know who "the gang" will consist of. So Maddox wakes up from his nap and he is a little rank if you know what I mean. As soon as I point this out Izzy is the first to holler 'not it', followed by Adam. I must have been the last to say not it because I got stuck changing him. So Lindsey B (a girl I teach with) volunteers to go with me to the bathroom. Wouldn't you know there was not a changing station in sight, so we decide to go to Kimmy's car. We get all the way out to the parking lot in our heels, get Big Mad undressed just to realize that there is not a SINGLE wipe in the joint. (Please understand that I had just informed Kimmy that the child needed more.) We searched the car high and low and all we could find were a pack of preparation H wipes and one, count em one, napkin that hadn't been written on (there were about 12 that had been). We were a little skeptical about the medicated wipes so I had to make due with that one napkin. The things you do for people you love!

Love and Hugs,



LaurieR said...

"Mrs. Jones".....very creative :^D The blogging world is tough, kid!

Louise said...

You are such a big talker!!! And, actually...I'm not really sure if I'm okay with everything in this post!
~Mrs. Jones


Louise said...

I did forget to tell you that I think the collage is SUPER cute!! :)

Kimmy said...

to plead my of my cheerleaders had just changed a dirty diaper earlier in the day, and failed to tell me that she had used the last wipe. And...I DO change my own child! :)

Unknown said...

This story it hilarious!