Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Portrait

This weekend while I was at home for fall break, my mom was very insistent that we get a family portrait. I was so pleased with the way that they turned out. These aren't the ones taken by the professional (we have to wait for those). I just snapped these in between shots. In case you are wondering, the loser in the pink and blue striped shirt would be my little sister. She was sooo adamant that she was not going to match everyone else. My mom claims that at her age (which is not even that old), some things aren't worth fighting over. Whatever, me and my brother kept telling her that she ruined the picture. Though, actually, they still didn't turn out too bad!

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Unknown said...

OH, I LOVE the pics! Your neice looks precious! :-) That cracks me up about your little sis, that sounds typical of a teen. Green looks good and ALL of y'all! :-)

Louise said...

First, pictures are great! I'm so glad to see EVERYONE ;)
Also....look who got a blog facelift!!! It looks SO good!!! Did you learn to do this all yourself?!?!? I'm SO impressed!!! :)

Elizabeth Johnston said...

Hey girl!! So good to hear from you! Thanks for leaving me a comment! You know that my dad took over Dale's job. He's the new President at Crowley's Ridge and he loves it! We really like Dale! He's so sweet! Treat him good down there! HeHe
We won't be able to make it for Homecoming this year. We were planning on it, but that's the only weekend we can have Brock's b-day party. I think we're gonna try to come to a game in Nov. I'll let you know. I sure do miss you and all our talks in the admissions office!! Tell everyone I said hello and I'm so glad you're doing well!! Tell Brooke I said hello too!!

LaurieR said...

LOVE the new layout!

sle said...

Don't be too upset with your MOM! When my kids hit the door this weekend for their break I am going to try to get some family photo's done as well. It's a mom thing!