Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homecoming Week

Dear Diary,

So, last week was homecoming at school. This is about the most exciting week of school for me second only to Exams. The reason is because it is the one week that I give little thought as to what I wear to school. You may or may not know that I am known around school as the teacher who never wears the same outfit twice in a school year. I may wear the same pants, but never with the same shirt. And I can think of only a handful of times that I have worn the same shirt in a school year. I could go into all the details of how this crazy system came about, but that is another story for another blog! Anyways, everyday of the week we have dress up days, and the last week we get to wear our homecoming shirt with blue jeans. Yes, we the teachers actually get to wear jeans to school. This is why I love this week. I don't have to stare at my closet for what seems like an eternity and try to remember if I have worn this shirt or that dress. I took some pictures of me and some of my kids on the different days of the week.

Monday- A Winning Tradition (Toga Day) (sorry I didn't have enough time to put a toga together...you know how mondays are!

Tuesday- Know Your Opponent Day (We played Montgomery Catholic High School)

We actually didn't plan to look like this. I was fussing at her about something

Wednesday-Total Domination (Sports) Day

Thursday- Drive The Nights Crazy (Wacky Day)
Friday- Sprit Day (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of me with my H.C. shirt)

Love and Hugs,



Louise said...

I was wondering if you would blog about it! You didn't even put anything about the game, winning or who won Homecoming!! :)

Kimmy said...

Don't worry...WE WON!!!!! :)