Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Facelift

Dear Diary,

I am so lucky to have a friend like Lindsey B across the hall from me. Is it weird to say that she completes me? Whatever if it is!! She is like everything that I want to be when it comes to computer literacy! She has completely helped me pimp my blog. I don't know how or what she did. I don't think I could even change it if I wanted to. The whole time she was trying to show me I just kept getting further and further lost. The best thing is that she loves this. I kept feeling like I was burdening her by asking for help, and she was like so totally on top of the whole thing. I guess she is as much a computer nerd, as I am a math dork...and I love it!! Thanks Baggs!!

Love and Hugs,


Lindsey Bagwell said...

Aww...thanks! Maybe next week we can spice it up even more! I know I am a nerd, what can I say...I like this kind of stuff!

Shelly Pruitt said...

wow...nice blog design...did you pay money for that? :) You will be added to my 'blogs I like' now for sure!!!

Louise said...

I love the little signature thing!! It loks great!! :)

Unknown said...

IT IS SO CUTE, I LOVE IT! Don't you feel so good that your blog is attractive, I know I did...haha!!