Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kinder-Care In Room 109

So some of you may or may not know that recently rm 109 has turned into an afterschool care. It started off with me just picking up the twins on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and just keeping them for a few minutes until Lisa could get there. A typical Tuesday and Thursday will consist of me keeping Big Mad in my room during cheer practice, because it is WAY to hot outside for lil man to be out on the field with those crazy cheerleaders! And on a very rare occasion, if Paige M is in a bind I may have to get my other sweet angels, Parker and Cam. Well, would you believe that on this particular Friday a few weeks ago, I actually had all five munchkins in my room at one time. This had never happened before. When people walked by, they must have thought I was running an afterschool program of some kind.
(It took me literally 5 times to get everyone looking at the camera!!)
Even with the slew of kids I honestly did enjoy the few minutes we were able to spend together. It is always so neat to hear them talk about the exciting events of their day. Things that seem so small to me are often times the BIGGEST deal to them. For example, yesterday afternoon, Payton was so worked about a girl who said a bad word in the bathroom. "Oh my," I asked, "What did she say?" The little girl had said shut up not once, not twice, but a 'hundred ' times and Mrs. C didn't even hear her, and she didn't have to move her card. Can you believe it!! She was so excited up and I just kept thinking, If I had a nickel for every kid I heard in the high school say that, I could retire early!


Louise said...

It looks like fun!! :)

LaurieR said...

That was a GREAT blog! I had a kid tell me one time that another kid in K-4 had said a bad word and when I asked which word he replied, "The S word" By the way, in K-$ the "S word" is shut up. :^)

Melissa Lester said...

You are so special to all these kids! How great that you are able to share in these precious moments of childhood!