Friday, April 18, 2008

Boston and Niagra Falls

Dear Diary,

Last week I was able to go on the junior/senior class trip to Boston and Niagra Falls. It was sooooo fun. When we landed Friday, we went straight to the site of Plymoth Rock. There we were able to tour a replica of the ship and also view the site where the pilgrims landed. Well, actually it would have been nice to actually view the site but it was under construction...imagine that. After that we went to Plimoth Village where there were actors that we could ask questions about the old day. That was pretty neat. Finally we checked into our hotel and got ready to eat at the Quincy Market . We took a boat ride to their , and we able to see a neat view of Boston from the river. The Blue Man Group was absolutely the neatest thing I had seen in quite time. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys being entertained. The next morning we went on an all day adventure, sight-seeing the historic towns surrounding Boston. This was absolutely my favorite part of the whole trip. We went to Lexington and saw the common area where 8 minutemen were killed. From there we went to Concord (home of the Concord Grape) and saw more interesting sights. We ended up in Cainbridge were we visited Harvard Square. Finally we bused back to Boston so we could walk the Freedom Trail. There is so much History in Boston. Hopefully I will be able to go back someday.

Saturday we made a 8 hour drive to border so we could view Niagra Falls. It was so amazing to see God's awesome creation. We ate supper at Hard Rock Cafe, and breakfast the next morning at Planet Hollywood. Some of the students actually thought that the "Duty-Free" meant you couldn't use the bathroom there...silly kids!!

I'm having trouble putting pictures on here, but as soon as I figure out how it works, I'll be sure to let you see.

Love and Hugs,