Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Dear Diary,

This has been some crazy long weekend. Let me just do a day by day, play by play(hee hee)

Friday: I already mentioned that I gave my kids a test which was way to easy. Giving a test makes my work day very easy. I just sit back and relax and watch my kids sweat!! After work I had to go to the Goodtimes Center for some training hours. Three hours (to be exact) of boring videos, and out loud reading. I probably asked myself a hundred times what I was thinking doing this again. I did it last year, and must say that I didn't love it. Long ten hour days, wild screaming children. But there were some good days, and I enjoyed the people I work with, and the money's not too bad. Friday was the longest day ever.

Saturday: Uh, just joking Saturday was the longest day EVER. More training at the Y. From 8:00 to 4:00. Seriously, what are these people thinking. Thankfully I remembered that I had a baby shower at 2, so I was able to skip out a little early. The shower was such a blast. We played this game where you have to guess what the baby ate, by smelling his dirty diaper. Those pics will be available soon. Saturday evening I had what thought was going to be small gathering with a few friends at my house. You know how you see on tv, when people invite a few friends over, and next thing you know it's like a freaking block party...that's exactly what happened to me. There were people there that I didn't even know, and had NEVER seen before. It ended up being fun, but this may be the last time I ever have 'few' of the girls over.

Sunday: We had friends day at church, so I had to get there extra early to make sure that I had a seat. The lesson was very good, and very appropriate for friend's day. After church we had lunch and I was able to sit with and get to know a very nice football player...we'll call him "bobblehead"... So after lunch you will never guess what kind of fun I was in for...MORE YMCA TRAINING. I mean seriously, how much do you need to know to be a day camp counselor, especially if you did it last summer!!! After the Y it was off to 2 tutoring sessions where I was the tutor, more church, and more getting to know "bobblehead".

Long story long, this has been the longest weekend ever, and I am so glad that it is finally over!

Love and Hugs,



Louise said...

Ok, first...2 blogs in one day!!! WOW!!! Second...I'm anxiously awaiting the shower pic!! :)

Kimmy said...

Who is the "bobblehead" it the same guy Paige was talking about?