Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Me and My Boo!!

(picture courtesy of our good frind Baggs!! She's great! check out her blog)
Dear Diary,
Every Tuesday and Thursday, I am blessed to spend a few hours with my main squeeze. As you probably know Big Mad came into the world about three months ago, and he is just about as precious as could be. However, like most babies, he is real hard to get a hand on. You know how it is at church. Soon as Kimmy gets in the door, there is a "Girl Fight" (not really) over who is going to get to love on him. And if you are so fortunate as to get few hugs and kisses in, you better be quick about it, because someone will be coming up from behind to take him from you.

This summer I realized that a good way to avoid the mess was to come to cheer practice once a week. This allowed me to catch up with some of my girls that I had been missing over the break, and spend some quality time with Maddox, just me and him! I enjoyed this so much that I asked Kim if we could carry it over to the school year. She thinks I am doing to help her, but we all know the real reason!!(j/k) These are just a few pics that I was barely able to take yesterday. (Keep in mind that these were taken with a camera phone, and only one free hand!!)

I know he looks scared, but that's really the "I love my Killer" face that you probably aren't familiar with!

A bottle, a stinky diaper, and a LOT of screaming later, a little bit chillaxin'!!

I love, love, love this boy!!

Love and Hugs,



Louise said...

Too sweet!!! :)

T. Brodie said...

We know how it is... just take him. I bet you have a great time!

Kimmy said...

You do help me out so much!!!! I'm so glad that you enjoy it as much as he does!!! He does love his Killer time!

Leah said...

He is precious!

Melissa Lester said...

Friends who love your children are precious! And you are precious to so many for that very reason -- and many others!!