Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweet Baby Liana

Dear Diary,
I have been the WORST blogger for the past few months. I got so busy at the end of the school year. Plus, the summer seemed to be over before it even started. Last time we talked I was spending time with my pregnant sister. These days, I am spending time with my brand new, sweet baby niece. (Can you tell how I feel about her!!) Ok, so technically she's not brand new anymore (she was three months last week) but she is still precious. I was finally able to gather some pics so I put together a little collage. I hope you are able to view this, I uploaded it a little different! Hopefully it won't be another 4 months before I blog again!!

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Tracey said...

she's precious!!!

Louise said...

She is adorable!!! It's about stinkin time that you showed her to us!!! :) Glad you are back!!!

Jan's Blog said...

That is one really darling baby. They always look like angels when they are asleep. And then they wake up and prove it. Enjoy her... she'll be grown before you know it.